MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C., with the Horizontal Action-6 “Seminars”, in collaboration with educational and training organizations, promotes the specific knowledge in applied, experiential ways of those who are interested to cultivate skills and abilities and improve their portfolio.

Invited discussants offer lectures and carry out experiential indoor and outdoor laboratories on a variety of subjects. Trainers and trainees, in learning communities, with modern didactic techniques, virtually and in person, jointly cultivate skills and develop knowledge in specific issues useful to their carriers, enterprises and organizations.

With the Horizontal Action “Seminars”, the MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C. links and networks the scientific, research and business communities, in useful and successful learning events with experts, where the trainers and trainees are negotiating with cutting-edge issues of Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Culture etc, for personal and professional profit.

MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C., through the Horizontal Action “Seminars” connects the international scientific, artistic, literary and business world, citizens, institutions and organizations of the Mediterranean, for professional and personal development. The trainers transfer know-how and contribute to the successful planning and effective implementation of specialized local and regional development programs in Crete, Greece, the Mediterranean and beyond. In this way, the Institute promotes smart technological expertise, sustainable development, highlights the Mediterranean cultural heritage, and improves the quality of services.