1) Skills development and transfer of know-how. The Cooperative Company MIE aims at the development and upgrading of professional skills and knowledge and the transfer of know-how with innovative processes of education and lifelong learning through interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches. In particular, through congresses, seminars, educational and training programs, workshops, lifelong learning paths in the real and virtual world, meetings and conferences, tele-collaboration and e-learning platforms, the Institute promotes cross-educational and interdisciplinary processes. With training and learning events, aims at the best possible personal and professional development of the individual and contributes to the updating of knowledge, to the upgrading of skills, the cultivation of values, with axes and pillars of the Education for Sustainable Development.

2) Interconnection of Natural Sciences, Technology, Art, Philosophy, Literature, Engineering and Mathematics, History and Tradition. With the research and the creation of learning communities, thought groups, forums for dialogue and reflection on specific issues, with the participation of people from various scientific and professional fields, the Cooperative Company MIE attempts to produce knowledge and to popularize sciences and research results for societal benefit. The methodology that follows includes the collection of primary or existing information, the examination and evaluation of new concepts and practices, exceeding the boundaries of established and traditional ways of knowledge production, and brings together a wide range of disciplines and specialized scientists, institutions, professionals and stakeholders.

3) Fair and solidary trade. Fair and solidary trade is defined as a trade partnership based on dialogue, transparency and mutual respect, which seeks greater parity in international and domestic trade.  The Cooperative Company MIE contributes to sustainable development by offering better marketing conditions for products and services while ensuring workers’ rights. In particular, our services of all kinds and the pricing of these services are based on social criteria and aim at the collective benefit, the service of general social interests and the dissemination and development of the idea of solidarity economy. Based on these principles, the Cooperative Company MIE seeks to create a human network, with many and varied connections of individuals and thematic areas, as horizontal as possible, in order to highlight human work through collectivity, dignity and parity, free from any kind exploitation, so that the services reach the citizens together with the faces and the struggle of the people who offer them, and in fact at decent and at the same time advantageous prices.

4) Design and implementation of research and development programs. The Cooperative Company MIE aims to participate in local, national, European and international programs, of regional and local development subsidized, which have as object the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, information and sharing of experience among entrepreneurs, bodies, organizations, employees and citizens. Distributes new solutions to projects required by customers and from which they can only receive benefits. Informs, inspires and helps people through effective interventions in the business environment of customers, contributing to the creation of specialized and personalized solutions for staff, executives and owners of companies, collectives, agencies, organizations, etc.

5) Supervision, coordination and management of actions of other bodies. The Cooperative Company MIE provides supervision, coordination and management, at scientific and managerial level, of actions, practices and programs on behalf of other bodies, organizations and collectives. The Cooperative will provide information, consulting and research in all areas where SCC operates and in matters of education, lifelong learning, smart specialization, personal and professional development of individuals and professionals.

6) Creation of partnerships, networks, corporate schemes of individuals, organizations and communities. The Cooperative Company MIE will participate and develop networks, partnerships and partnerships in collaboration with agencies, other organizations, individuals and communities with common, public, benefit purposes, for the personal and professional development of individuals, employees, companies, organizations. The promotion and support of human groups and networks with common goals and interests, who will remain active and take initiatives, will share information, knowledge and wisdom for their professional and personal development, will contribute to the improvement of quality of life, development and the smart specialization of local communities and beyond.

7) Dissemination of knowledge in learning communities. With the organization of scientific, professional, cultural, social and artistic events, congresses, conferences, visits, excursions, field work, workshops, laboratories, training and lifelong learning programs, screenings, lectures, tours, exhibitions, etc., the Cooperative Company MIE intends to preserve and disseminate the Greek and Mediterranean traditional and cultural heritage. The Cooperative Company will contribute in the its study, in combination with other regions of the world, in the acquisition of new and dissemination of scientific and technological achievements of modern civilization, in the promotion of family culture, traditional arts and professions, for the promotion of the traditional and anti-consumer model of life and new professional innovations.

8) Mass communication and promotion. Goals of the Cooperative Company MIE are to create a newspaper / magazine / websites / internet radio / television that will be a place of expression, information and awareness on scientific, social, historical and cultural issues. We will seek to publish printed and digital information material, books, monographs and collective volumes, activities and programs, proceedings and other scientific, educational, training material. The Cooperative will provide educational and informational material, books and other products of culture and learning, in printed and digital form, for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, know-how, history, tradition and culture, at prices affordable to anyone interested.