Flagship Program-2

Mediterranean Institute for Education S.C.C has established the flagship Program “Mediterranean Entities in Space and in Time”, an inquiry based learning Program of educational and entrepreneurial projects to map the unknown in Mediterranean societies and their connections, which play a crucial role in the life and development of Europe and the world. With our projects, we explore the multilevel relationship of Mediterranean societies which are rapidly changing due to geopolitical, digital, economic, social, political and cultural conditions, and drawing lessons from the past, to chart successful paths in our lives for the future, in the post-pandemic era. 

Greece is a European country in the southern Europe, a Mediterranean, and a Balkan one, having close traditional bonds with the Black Sea, having at the same time strong ties with the Middle East and the Arab world, which is an added value for the European perspective. In 2014, Greece and Italy who had the Presidency of the Council of the European Union declared 2014 as “Year of the Mediterranean” in order to work together in the framework of the Integrated Maritime Policy to promote activities in the south neighborhood of Europe. Sea is a key element of the Greek identity and of European history. The initiatives of the MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C., that will be developed in the framework of the flagship program “Mediterranean Entities in Space and Time”, can be factors of connection, development and cooperation in Europe, areas of joint research and entrepreneurship in and Culture in the Mediterranean countries, means for the world to overcome the economic and health crisis and lead to the next day of the covid19 pandemic.

The Program “Mediterranean Entities in Space and in Time” aims to open the boundaries of Crete, Greece, of the Mediterranean countries to the Mediterranean Educational and Entrepreneurial society, to the world, locally and globally, through collaborations and partnerships, bearing in mind the words of Socrates ”I am not an Athenian or a Greek citizen, but a citizen of the world”. To expand the boundaries of the mind and the horizons of thought in most untrodden paths of investigation and discovery, promoting the values of Education for Sustainable Development, achieving goals of green and blue development.

Regarding the methodological framework of the Program, it is open to content, techniques and tools, to specialties of participants, who can be both trainers and trainees, experts and practitioners. It is co-constructed and linked to other educational, training, entrepreneurial actions and projects. The events will include presentations, discussions, workshops, peer learning activities, visits and cultural happenings for various disciplines from the three education levels and the research sector. Participants will deliberate in an experimental way on theoretical and practical issues of scientific and didactic guidance. 

Let’s take off Daedalus and Icarus again from Crete with modern strong wings!!