MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C., through numerous and of various topics Congresses, aims to popularize the scientific, technological and cultural findings and give the opportunities to individuals, enterprises, bodies to negotiate with experts from the area of science, technology, policy making, arts, business, etc, in order to cover specific demands of the participants.

With the purpose to link the scientific, research and business communities, MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C. organizes useful and successful Congresses of experts, addressing them to specific groups, in order to negotiate cutting-edge issues of Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Culture etc, for personal and professional profit.

MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C. invites people from Greece, Mediterranean region, and the world around, to connect and widen the Network of Intellectuals in the self-education, offering to them a step to express opinions, to present the research achievements, and make focused proposals on scientific, technological, educational, cultural, economic, social issues. Representatives from the fields of research, education and training, in the disciplines of Science, Health, Technology, History, Engineering, Arts, Entrepreneurship, Governance, etc, Policy bodies and Organizations, will be estimated guests in the virtual and in person sessions of the organizing Congresses by the Mediterranean Institute for Education S.C.C, for many days, as travelers and researchers, experiencing the settlements and the products of the present and the past.