In the events which are organized by the MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C. are offered many creative opportunities, and at multiple levels, in order to achieve high goals. The events stand out for the innovation in the topics, in the content, the methodology, for their prestige, the special aesthetics and the pursuit of quality. 

MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C. organizes numerous and various events such are congresses, workshops, conferences, lifelong learning paths, peer learning activities, individual and group guided discovery paths, work lunches, teleconferences, circles of thought, tele-discussions, forums, exhibitions, demonstrations, art events, visits, excursions, trips, tours, etc, where peers share information, knowledge and experience, and negotiate cutting-edge issues with experts.

The participants in the events of the MEDITERRANEAN INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION S.C.C.

  • gain a special experience with great interactivity and very active participation
  • have the opportunity to choose what develops them personality and professionalism, pleases and relaxes them, through a number of richly themed events at very affordable prices
  • receive valid information, knowledge and advices from renowned scientists, researchers, experts, entrepreneurs and organizations, by participating in experiential learning communities
  • acquire contact and liaison with formal, non-formal and informal Education institutions
  • network with groups of professionals for their professional development, thus receiving specialized information and deepening their knowledge, in pleasant and effective ways, participate with their peers in peers’ networks
  • participate democratically in all individual experiential activities
  • facilitate their financial transactions through bank accounts
  • are informed immediately and analytically about details and possibilities they have during the event
  • have information about our following events
  • registered and informed about the progress of their participation in a simple, fully digitized and safe way regarding the observance of the rules of personal data protection
  • contribute to tackling climate change and green growth, leaving as it gets lighter the ecological footprint on our planet, when participate in the Institute’s activities 
  • enjoy luxury through sustainable choices that highlight the traditional way of life and promote the anti-consumer model of development, combining the pursuit of the useful in the art of well living
  • taste the Mediterranean diet, themed cuisines, pure ingredients, seasonal food, local delicacies
  • experience the beauty of nature and the achievements of technical civilization when participate in the experiential workshops and during their stay in the Mediterranean resorts
  • know the local culture, recognize similarities with the culture of their countries, contribute to the preservation and development of local communities through intergenerational communication